Welcome to Sparkbird.

The world’s first automated bird watcher!

Tell it your favorite species and never miss a visit again.

We started this project because we were always wondering what rare species we were missing at our feeders. While at work, running errands, or spending time with our kids it is easy to miss that rare visit from a Spark. That is why we created Sparkbird.

iPhone with Sparkbird bird watching app displayed on the screen.

Tips & Tricks

Two small blue birds in bird house.


We are building a Sparkbird community in multiple places...

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Want to earn premium service levels? You can do that by becoming a Bird Bounty Hunter! We are looking for volunteers that want to help us round out our species database. If you are interested in helping check the reddit page for the latest bounty list. Or, email us and submit your captures.

Use Sparkbird to...

  • Watch one of your feeders for birds as they visit - the classic.
  • Watch a bird bath for visitors to the bird bath.
  • Watch a nest for visitors to the nest.
  • Watch a bush or tree for visitors.
  • Watch a hummingbird feeder.
  • Help count the number of birds that visit your feeder.